Les ambassades bar terrasse

Location: 25 rue Lamarck 75018 – Paris
Time Visiting: Lunch
Cost: ££

After visiting the Sacre Coeur and having a wonder around we decided it was that time of the day, dinner time. Of course as were in France I had a list of all the French foods I wanted and must try whilst here in Paris. So what happened next was perfect, instead of taking the normal route back down to the bottom of the hill after visiting Sacre Couer we did a de tour and went left and made our way down through the local town. It was beautiful as all the buildings were very detailed, the flats all had balconies and lots of flowers which really made the roads that much more picturesque.

Then after admiring the buildings that’s when I saw it. The cutest little restaurant on the left hand side in the middle of the town. With flowers outside it just looked so inviting yet traditional. The menu board outside had a few dishes in French that I didn’t understand obviously as I don’t speak or read French. But when it said: soupe à l'oignon I knew straight away it was French Onion Soup. #yassssssss! I really wanted to try the traditional onion soup and it did not disappoint, I cant wait to make it back home. It has lots of cheese and bread inside too it’s just delicious, sweet and so filling. We also ordered a French cheese board as you cant go wrong.

This was a lovely little food stop and after our meal we was ready for more walking and sightseeing.

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