L'Escargot Montorgueil

Location: 38 Rue Montorgueil, 75001 Paris, France
Time visiting: Afternoon
Price : £££

L'Escargot means snails, and when in France it’s always nice to try the local cuisine so of course I was on the hunt for some snails. So where better to visit then L'Escargot Montorgueil the restaurant widely known in Paris for the best snails. Set on the outskirts of Paris in a really quirky area, similar to Camden in London. The area of the restaurant is lovely you have all different restaurants specialising in all different foods with really cool intense architecture. The buildings are so beautiful they put our flats/apartments to shame, the level of detail within the brickwork is out of this world.

Anyway about the restaurant and the actual moment I took the plunge and ate 4 snails, yes 4 snails out of 6. That’s pretty good going for someone who squealed at the sight of them on the plate. The restaurant is in a really nice area as I was saying before. You get off the tram at Strasbourg - Saint-Denis and then its about a 10 minute walk which is through the town anyway so you get to see the cute cheese shops, macroon stands, ice cream counters and plenty of restaurants oh and some vegan restaurants and even an acai bowl place too!

Once you find the restaurant the nice thing is you can actually sit outside too and for me this is the nicest place as you can watch the world pass you by. I didn’t notice until leaving but the restaurant sign has a snail on the top just to emphasis the fact there crazy about snails. The restaurant inside and outside is very nice and the cuisine is all traditional French food. The restaurant has been serving snails for over 200 years! That’s a whole lot of snails! The snails aren’t the type you stand on in the garden back home, there bigger with a more detailed shell.

There isn’t just one variety of snails, there’s actually 6 you could have truffle snails, garlic parsley or foi grai.

I love truffle but didn’t want the snails to be dry so I opted for the traditional style. Snails cooked with garlic and parsley. I wanted 6 which was the smallest portion and within about 10 minuets they appeared on a plate.

The texture is what you expect quite rubbery, weird the same sort of texture as a mushroom. The garlic is very powerful so in all honesty you cant really taste the snail meat as such. Everyone in the restaurant was ordering snails. I had to give myself a pep talk before eating out the snail from its shell and then I ate it. I couldn’t believe it I actually ate a snail, get me on any bush tucker trials as I can now take on the world. I ate 4 snails out of 6 on the plate which was a very good effort. But I wouldn’t be In a rush to eat them again, its just nice to say I went to Paris and ate snails.

Next I wanted to try Frogs legs, again another typical Parisian dish. I wasn’t sure what to expect if the legs were going to be green and slimy or if they were deep fried.

Within 10 minuets out come my plate of frogs legs, there was 6 legs and they come as a pair. Everyone says they taste like chicken meat and actually they do. Just a saltier version. The frogs legs weren’t too bad but as I knew I was eating a frogs leg I could only stomach the one.

Snails – 12 euros
Frogs Legs – 18 euros

Everything else on the menu sounds really delicious they serve steak, fish everything. But the drinks aren’t the best we ordered two virgin pinacoladas and it was literally pineapple juice with no garnish. Also for a restaurant so big and decorated so nice you would assume the toilets are half decent. The toilets are grose be warned.

I would strongly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to be adventurous when in Paris and be a foodie dare devil like me.

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