Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal animals is a bar which is owned by the Wilderness and if you’ve read my blog or follow me on Instagram you will have realised by now that I love the wilderness. So I was expecting big things from there bar, and I was defiantly not disappointed.  Even just from the outside of the bar it looks awesome and makes you want to enter, it’s the neon sign it just draws you in. The décor is inspired by 80s pop culture and its so cute. There are booths along the side, tables in the middle and chairs at the bar. The bar itself looks ever so fancy and the drinks menu is so retro and you can definitely see the pop culture coming in. The cocktails are a little random and peculiar but some would say that’s more fun, or you can be that awkward person who asks the bartender to just make you something sweet and pretty. Which is exactly what I did. Don’t worry if you prefer wine there is a long wine list with some bubbles by the glass
The cocktails are on average £10 per cocktail but if you visit between 4pm – 8pm mid week selected cocktails are £5

A glass of prosecco is £8 and its served in a really nice oversized flute, very fancy.

Now to the food bit, if your after somewhere totally cool to go for an afternoon tea with a twist this is the place. You can add cocktails on (£53pp), or champagne( £40) or stick to the tea(£28pp) but either way its going to be amazing.  You use to be able to eat too but this has mysteriously vanished from their website. But it was an Asian inspired menu as tasters.

Once your in the bar make sure you explore but if you’re a woman its fine because we always need the toilet so we wont miss a trick. The corridor on the way to the toilet is the best part of the bar. Its so tripppy, definitely worth the photograph.
I would most definitely recommend this bar for after work drinks or date night.
The address: 20 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham B2 5QJ

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