The beautiful roman catholic church on the hill which has been around since the middle ages and the French revolution. This roman church is dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus. The church is on the highest point in the city and it’s a really nice walk to the top of the hill with breath taking views once you’re at the top. The church was built in 1875 and was finished in 1914 and was consecrated in 1919. 

The sacre-Coeur is a nice day out for all the family. You have to walk through some souvenir shops on the road to begin with and then when you look up in the distance all you can see is the beauty of the church. As you get closer you realise the church is actually on a steeper hill (butte Montmartre) You aren’t allowed to take photographs within the church so make the most of the walk to the top.

You will find lots of tourists here as it’s a very popular tourist attraction and when the weather is nice many have picnics on the grounds. When you get closer to the top you will find more and more tourists all admiring the church and then the view off Paris. You can also leave a love lock on the barriers and people will approach you to buy a lock. 

You do not have to go inside the church, we didn’t as the que was ridiculous so we along with many others admired from outside.

To go inside the church its free but to go to the top of the church and admire the outside costs 5 euros.

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