La Base

Location: Via Cavour, 270, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
Time visiting: 9pm
Price : ££

The best restaurant in Rome, no joke. I ate here twice its that good! La Base just proves you can go on holiday eat good food and drink the usual alcoholic beverages for cheaper then back home. Holidays do not have to be so expensive. This restaurant was a god send I couldn't believe the prices and because of this the restaurant is always 24'7 busy. Its open till 4am as well! A glass of prosecco is 3 euros what a bargain, you couldn't get a glass of prosecco back home for £3! Then all the main meals vary from 6 -12 euros absolutely amazing. The food tastes so good to and I had the truffle pasta which was to die for an again only 12 euros!

This restaurant is quite large but the only down side is its very hot in summer if they have air-conditioning you can't feel it. The further inside you sit the warmer it is. They don't sell tap water either so you have to pay for still/sparkling but considering how cheap everything is, the cost of water doesn't matter.

The staff are lovely and if your in a hurry you can pay at the counter as you come in to save time. They even do take away so if you over order you can take it all home. The menu is huge with lots of variety, you can even find a salad on the menu! To drink you can get a bottle of prosecco for 15 euros or a beer for 3 euros. The tables are super cool as they look small but all have an extra bit which extends if you over order.

I would recommend this restaurant to everyone no matter what your budget it. Book a table in advance or be prepared to have to wait. Try to get a table near the street as you get the breeze from the window.

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