Opheem has to be up there with one of the best restaurants in Birmingham, in-fact no ifs or butts about it. Opheem is awesome, and can deliver for everyone. Its Indian dining with a modern twist. You can choose to do all different types of dining from al a Carte to a 6 course tasting menu to the lunch menu. It's perfect for all budgets. We chose the 6 course dinner tasting menu and believe me it was delicious and so filling we were actually stuffed at the end. I did throw my lobster tail across the room though which was quite funny. The staff as always are fabulous and the cocktails are really nice. As I drove I really liked the fact the non alcoholic porn star actually looked exactly the same as the alcoholic version it even included the shot. But instead of prosecco it was rose water. Top marks.

The photographs speak for themselves, artistic delicious flavour full food.

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