Trattoria ZaZa

Location: Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 26r, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy
Time visiting: 7pm
Price : £££

One thing that I always tend to do before going to dinner is research the restaurant first. To make sure the menu has something I like and to ensure there are good reviews as when your on holiday the dinner choices are most important as its not like you can just come back.

So as I was in Italy and somehow from my general knowledge I knew Italy had its own truffle (white truffle) so I thought id google somewhere nice to have truffled pizza or pasta or both.
Thanks to google and reading the reviews I decided to visit. Trattoria Za Za. First I asked my hotel to make a reservation and then with google maps and my comfy sandals off I went for a 20 minuet walk to find the restaurant and have dinner.

The restaurant itself is very popular you can dine outside or inside, I chose the inside option. Strangely enough when entering the restaurant there were actually 2 other solo travellers eating alone, which I don't normally come across. I sat near the back right in-front of where the food is cooked, perfect I can watch my food being cooked first hand.

Now for the hard part choosing what to drink, as I'm in Italy I tend to try and stick to the typical Italian drinks so of course an Aperol Spritz was ordered. The menu is huge with such variety from meat, fish,pasta, pizza literally everything But my favourite page was the 'truffle specials' a whole page of food which included truffle. I was in heaven and had definitely chose the right place to dine.

After taking ages to decide and the waiter asking me if I was ready to order... I finally was I chose a smoked pizza and truffle gnocchi. Of course typical English I wanted the pizza and gnocchi at the same time rather then the Italian way of eating one meal than having the next.

My food was brought over and it was delicious, the gnocchi was very rich as I think blue cheese or a strong cheese was used in the sauce so I count finish it all and the pizza I literally had two slices and then took the rest home. The good thing about Italy is they have actual pizza boxes so you can aways take it away (perfect for when your eyes are bigger then your belly)

Mateo my waiter was really nice, friendly and polite and the restaurant itself was very busy so I was happy I reserved a table. Its quite dark inside but I guess that's to set the atmosphere. I would recommend here for the whole family as there is bound to be a dish for everyone and the price is very reasonable.

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