The Oyster Club

If you like Oysters then you have come to the right place. The Oyster Club is new to Birmingham, its a restaurant by Adam Stokes. You can find this restaurant on temple street the home of all the fancy restaurants in Birmingham pretty much. From the outside to the moment you step inside the decor is elegant and relaxed. You could spend all afternoon, as we pretty much did.

The main reason for visiting the Oyster Club is the fact they do 'Happy Hour' on the oysters. Which is amazing, and the oysters themselves are produced locally (Cornwall) so its really nice. You can get an oyster for £1 during the happy hour promotion. 

£1 Oyster Happy Hour
Tuesday - Friday 3pm until 6pm.

The 3 dressed oysters in the Japanese dressing is amazing. There so tasty! If you like caviar.. then you are also in the right place you can get 10g of caviar for £26.00

Now moving onto the main meals. In all honesty the main meals weren't the best, in fact we didn't really enjoy our main meals, especially for the price it wasn't really worth it. 

But the main reason we visited was for the Oysters and I am sure everyone else who visits come especially for the same reason we did. I would recommend this restaurant only for the oysters but not for the main meals. The restaurant looks really cute though, and the staff are lovely.

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