Aluna Bottomless Brunch

Bottomless brunches are so good for your money like seriously, £35 for bottomless pornstar martinis and this other blue cocktail I can't remember the name now and a main meal which is a brunch dish so not the biggest of portions and a puding. The value is good if you can consume lots of alcohol, however I can have two portnstars and then that's my limit. The food was average in all honesty nothing fancy I could have made it all at home. But I guess you pay for the atmosphere - all the tables were doing brunch it was really busy and they have music and the vibe is really nice.

Aluna is at the mailbox in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Its a restaurant and its always busy so if you want food its always best to book a table. The latest brunch slot is 2pm which then finishes at 4pm because they are 2 hour slots. Its a great idea because if you are trying to budget you know exactly what you will spend for everything.

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