Wow, what a place. Top marks for this place it was incredible. Ok so I have never been to worcsteer before and I specifically went to visit this restaurant and boy was it worth it. What a restaurant its so quirky and cool and oh so popular. When you walk in it actually seems quite small. You walk into the bar area and on the weekend you can not reserve a table which is a great marketing trick to get you to have to wait in the bar area. The cocktails look and taste unreal, the bar area is small yet cute but then once you go for food that's when the journey begins. The corridor is electro and makes you feel drunk its so trippy, perfect for them snaps for the gram. Then its the restaurant where they serve the best burgers, check the menu the burger creations are unreal. Burger with a pop tart, burger with Mac and cheese, or a chicken waffle burger. There is a vegan/vegetarian option too and you are given gloves to help with the burger eating process. 

The food is great and so tasty, you want to physically eat every last bit. The sides are scrumptious just everything is amazing, from the service to the setting to the vibe to the food. Once you have finished eating or if you don't fancy eating you can head straight up to the rooftop terrance which is outside and on the top of the restaurant. In winter their are heaters and even so the atmosphere is still lovely.

I would recommend this place to everyone. Its also pretty cheap £10 a burger, £4 a side.
4 Foregate St, Worcester WR1 1DB

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