Back again to Tattuu, but this time visiting on the evening with the al a carte meal.

So I was considering getting the set menu but then when I actually thought about it I wouldn’t choose what you get in the menu and then it works out pretty much the same. Again when entering I was overwhelmed by the décor as its awesome it looks so pretty and that is honestly the selling point. The cocktails and drinks are great as they taste really nice, but most importantly served even nicer.
I orderd a mocktail which was basically tea. And it came with dry ice and in a fancy tea pot, that’s what I like!

After reading the menu over and over we finally decided on what to eat. To start the mixed dim sum which was full of flavour and nice. Then for main we chose a bit of everything which actually wasn’t as impressive especially considering the cost. I’m not a food snob but the food quality wasn’t the best. We had pork char siu which was all fat and no meat. Which is probably my own fault as when I went travelling it was amazing and I thought it would be just as nice, I was wrong. The beef  sticky short rib was actually my favourite it was really tasty. Sticky red prawn was also nice but nothing spectacular and then the coconut chicken salad was basic and the chicken was plain not sure if this was my fault expecting too much.

So to summarise the venue is gorgeous but the al a carte menu for the price you pay isn’t that good. The drinks taste, smell and look fantastic and the service is average.

You can park right outside the restaurant or anywhere on the nearby roads after 7pm for free.

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