Zenith Brunch

One of the best brunch spots in Madrid and the que speaks for itself. The perfect place to have a coffee or a cocktail they have the best of both. It's best to visit as early as possible as when we left at 12:00 noon the que was out the door. Its actually quiet a big spot with a really nice vibe, lots of green plants inside too which is always nice and refreshing. The staff are super cute and accommodating as we were English.

The menu is really big the pancakes look phenomenal but we didn't choose them in the end we played it easy. Zenith eggs Benedict and something else that I can't remember the name too. The way of life in Madrid is way more relaxed so you can actually spend ages here and watch the world pass you by.

Its a very good price a dish is around £8-£10 and a drink varies from £2-£6
Calle de Valverde, 28, 28004 Madrid, Spain

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