A day trip to Capri, what a beautiful day. 
 Capri is gorgeous from the stunning scenery to the trendy locals everyone must visit here at least once. Capri is pretty easy to get to from most places. We caught the ferry from Naples, but you can also get ferries from other places. Its simple turn up at the ferry port pay your money get  on the boat get off the boat arrive in heaven. Capri is quite small but the views are phenomanal. Capri has two harbours and you can get to Anacapri by taking another boat.

Visiting Capri in a day is all you actually need. The best places to visit are:
 Blue Grotto
Garden of Villa San Michele 
Augustus Gardens

This view is from Augustus Gardens the view is amazing you have a different view everywhere you look. You pay a small entrance fee to enter the gardens and there are many tourists but for the view every second is worth it.

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