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So this is going to be my dear diary/my online journal. Just kidding - this will be my Personal Travel Blog. I am hoping to encourage others to go travelling or take that holiday and just do it no matter what budget. I will write handy tips and give helpful advice. As well as post a million photos and waffle on about a new cocktail I've tried and the mountain i've climbed.

I will also write reviews of places I've been to eat to let others know where is good to dine and where you should never go, ever.

Ask as many questions as you like as at the end of the day you don't know if you don't ask. & believe me prior to this blog I asked a million questions on other friendly travel blogs.

My Personal Instragram - @georginageoh
Travel Instagram - @thefwordsx

Below shows everywhere I have travelled to prior to my travelling adventure.


  1. Wow you are so well travelled!

  2. You should visit China!

  3. Hey,

    how did you afford to get up and go? Did you have a certain amount of money saved, if so out of curiosity how much and how far did that get you?
    And how are you funding to continue travelling?

    I’d really love to travel but I’m bogged down paying my rent, bills etc. So I struggle to save. Just looking for a bit of info as to how to get my foot out the door so to speak,

    your blog is really cool btw, amazing photos living your best life!

    1. OMG I am so sorry I didn't have my notifications turned on for my comments! I saved a certain amount and then had to stick to a really right budget to ensure I could survive on the money that I saved. Whilst travelling I haven't had another source of income as I haven't needed too. But if your low on money you can get cash in hand jobs like promoting bar crawls or handing out flyers for a new restaurant or something.

      If you want any more help just let me know and ill figure out how to message you directly xx

  4. You need to update your map now your back George!

  5. I love your blog


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